A Vote for the future

2020/1/11的投票,不是只是關於你看不順眼哪一黨、哪個候選人,或是藍綠兩黨的零和勝敗。請用更高的視野看,這次是台灣未來的最關鍵的時刻,這是關於你未來要跟誰一起爭取資源、你未來的各種自由、你眼前的所有的台灣土地的美好是否存續的關鍵戰役。 The 2020 presidential election is not just about the preference/prejudice of a candidate or the zero-sum game of the blue and green parties. All Taiwanese people, please see this from a higher perspective. This is the most critical moment in Taiwan ’s future. This is the key battle about who you will be competing … More A Vote for the future