Life purposes

Life purposes
To be constantly on the way to become a better person

Its not easy at all. As a human being well have to do a lot of things:

  1. Finding our own meaning of life. Its also tough. But without it we feel like zombies.
  2. Fighting against the little things that trigger our dark sides like fear, anxiety, lack of love etc and then finding back our peace again. Its an everyday work if you have a difficult childhood or you have many hard memories.
  3. Always staying at presence, without letting your chattering minds and thoughts disturb you
  4. Interacting with others while trying to create sth positive (very nice to have, like good friendship and strong family love, good mentors etc ) and avoiding sth negative (stay calm in front of bitchy colleagues and annoying unknown instagram accounts who try to interférer your freedom of speech etc)

Some advices:

  1. Find the things that bring you back back to your inner peace when your negative emotion is trying to take you away from it. For me its taking deep breaths, getting close to nature and thinking about the idea Life is really to short and too unpredictable to feel shitty.
  1. Build your own core projects that bring you long term happiness and sense of achievement. Im not talking about work or job. Im talking about the things that you feel that you must do them before you die. If you only have the last 3 years to live what do you wanna build/feel/experience? After we have our own core projects (the idea of core project are from Brian R. Little btw), we can focus more on how to do them and enjoy doing them in the process. No need to waste your time on unimportant things/people that dont deserve your time.
  1. Friendship and family love. These are the meaningful connections that will nurture you, support you no matter what. Reminder: Any kind of relationship needs investment. So spend time with your good friends and family!

I always feel being a human being is not easy. Its painful sometimes. But if we have the chance to live one life, experience it to the fullest in an enjoyable way. Cheers.   

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