Throwback of 2016: Merci Paris et Salut Shanghai!


I think December 31st is a magical day. It’s probably the only day in a year when we can feel the “actual length” of a whole year.

Wow, it’s been a full year. How was your 2016?

After a throwback of what happened this year, I think it is very important for me to write something brief but meaningful, as a closing of this chapter, the year 2016.


I. Throwback of 2016

2016, it’s a year of some remarkable milestones, in which I…

  • Worked in a foreign country for the 1st time in my life!
  • Terminated my student status, after almost 20 years in my life
  • Ended my gap year, saying goodbye to my heaven-like, chilled life in Europe haha…
  • Lived in Paris for almost 1 year, and then moved to Shanghai.
  • Started my first full-time & official job in my career.

Honestly, it’s also a challenging year, in terms of my state of mind. But I had some different learnings.

Learning of saying goodbye: I tasted how it felt when two of the beloved persons I loved passed away.


Learning of facing uncertainty in life: For almost half year, I constantly felt so uncertain about my life. Where I would be? When could I finally settle down in a place?

Learning of being patient and maturer in terms of romantic relationship: In order to be capable of living a better life with the love of my life in the future, I rather to choose a bitter/tougher situation at present, in return for a better self after 3 years.

Learning of understand myself better: Sometimes, something that I thought I wanted very much may not fit me. I learned to see clearer by considering my personality, my goal and the external reality to make a better decision that makes myself more comfortable.

II. Gratitude: Things That I Felt The Most Grateful For in 2016

  • Thanks my mom and dad for everything, especially for supporting my decision in Paris and from Taipei to Shanghai.
  • Thanks for the wonderful Les Sublimes experience in Paris. Thanks Alexis & Kachen for taking me as the first intern in Les Sublimes. It’s a life changing experience that totally impacted my way of thinking, changed my lifestyle and shaped one of my goals in life.

Screenshot 2016-12-31 15.29.39.png

  • Thanks my friends Kristine, Julien and Amy for visiting me in Paris! Your visit indeed brought new inspirations to me and helped me to make an important decision at that moment of life. Looking back, I think it’s the right decision to start my career back in Asia.
  • Thanks my friends Tracy, Huahua and Belle, Min in Shanghai. Yuan  (緣) brought us together again in life. I’m very grateful that Tracy and Huahua gave me full support (and a place to stay lol) when I just arrived in Shanghai and when I was looking for jobs here. Also, I’m very satisfied with my life here because of my two cute great roommates Belle & Min!! It’s a very warm apartment here.
My lovely room in Shanghai!
  • Thanks my love Thomas for always supporting and encouraging me no matter how far away we are from each other! Thanks for your patience and love. I love you!!


  • Thanks for all kinds of mentor-like friends that I met recently. I’m very lucky to meet a great boss in my current job who is willing to teach and share valuable lessons with me, not only about jobs but about career development, visions and life. I feel also very grateful that I met Sophie here who gave me unconditional guidance in terms of how to make my goal come true on a long term basis.

Ok. Time to start my NYE celebration!

Use one of my favorite quotes to end my 2016 chapter:


Happy New Year to all my dear friends!!

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