The Ultimate Lesson in Life

This article is not about ethical consumption or  the main theme “buy less choose well” I wanna discuss in this blog.

What I’ve learned in the past three years –  business models, innovation, marketing, strategies – did broaden my horizons and help me to further challenge myself. And in business school, many people pursue and talk about how to “succeed”.  For example, a recent event created with the name “Successful tips to get in fancy foreign companies” got very popular among business college students in Taiwan. Not to mention some titles of the booksellers put on the front, middle shelves in the business area of bookstores.

Screenshot 2016-05-10 11.21.52.png

Success, what a glorious word, compared with that, love is like nothing important. In this kind of environment, love? It’s like a cliché or some boring stupid little thing only bored people think of.

For me it’s never like that. Maybe that’s why I often feel I don’t fit in the environment.

Love is fundamental. Love, no matter it’s romantic love, family love, friend’s love, it’s what brings the energy in life.  Love nourishes our spirits.

It’s not only important but has lots of lessons we need to learn. Yes, we need to learn love.

It takes time and efforts.
It is frustrating sometimes. But without keeping learning, there is always a day in which your relationships will go to an end, probably in a similar pattern of ending. Everyone has his/her own lessons.


The following quotes come from a new book written by a Taiwanese author 陳雪. I’ve followed her and been reading her articles quite often recently:

  • 愛情是基於自由意願底下兩人的結合,凡事都要以自由為前提,所有以愛的名義行之的「操縱」「監視」「控制」,帶來的都是愛情的毀滅,即使,你因此得到了「安全感」,得到了暫時的平靜,得到了「管教」的成果,最終,這些事物會反過來傷害這份愛,至少也會傷害你對愛的信念。
    Love, is two persons being together out of their free will.  In a relationship, “freedom” is the premise.  But often, what comes under the name of love, like “manipulation”, “monitoring” and “controlling” only destroys love. Even if that makes you feel safe for a moment, all the manipulation harms the relationships in the end, or at least harms the faith you have in love.
Salzburg, Austria


When you meet the love in your life and when you fall into it, you discover many different sides of yourself which you never know.

I’m saying the kind of love that makes you forget yourself –  you don’t really care what you’ve sacrificed because you just want to be together with him/her.

It brings you the greatest, happiest memory in life and also the most painful, suffering experiences in a relationship.

  • 當我們陷入愛情裡,最可怕的部分莫過於它會顯露出所有我們隱藏的價值,會逼出我們還不願面對的自我,會看見自己都沒見識過的「黑暗」,包含「嫉妒」「猜疑」「佔有」「控制」,包含所有你原本不會去做的 -愛不是保障,愛是兩個人基於自由意願的交往,相愛時付出,盡力,到了必須分開那天,我們只需確認,自己已經盡了力,且沒有違背作為自己的原則,沒有為愛走樣,扭曲自己,至於獲得的,失去的,開心的,痛苦的,那都是愛的過程裡必經的,是愛的風險,在愛的開始(甚至之前)就該理解的,到最後但願也能無怨悔地放手。
    The most horrible thing when we fall into love is that, it triggers and reveals the hidden dark sides in our minds. The darkness we’ve never seen: jealousy, skepticism, occupation, manipulation, everything that you never thought you would do. But love is based on the free will to be together of two persons. We make efforts, try our best to stay together when we’re in love. If unfortunately the end of the relationship comes, we only need to make sure we’ve tried everything we can do without betraying the principles. No matter what we have experienced: happiness, loss, pains, these are the process we need to go through. It is the risk of love. It’s what we need to understand before the start of love.
    If it’s in the end, just let it go.



Quote from the movie Before Sunset – “When you’re young, you just believe there’ll be many people with whom you’ll connect with. Later in Life, you realize it only happens a few times.”


In our 20s, we struggle many things – trying to figure out the right career path, determining the meaning of life, paving the road to pursue the dream, and inevitably, we also struggle in love.





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