You need an epiphany

Just finishing reading a very inspiring book. I’m gonna write a quick book about my feeling now! (Because I feel pretty drunk now after three glasses of red wine XD) 王宥勝, Chris Wang. A Taiwanese actor who got really famous after hosting a travel show “冒險王 Adventure Time” and especially after his TV show “犀利人妻 The … More You need an epiphany

Life is a long-lasting, continuous accumulation.

“Life is a long-lasting, continuous accumulation.” It’s actually the title of a Taiwanese book 生命是長期而持續的累積 written in Mandarin, by a well-respected professor Ming-Hui, Peng in National Tsing Hua University in Taiwan. I bought this book like 2 yrs ago and found it truly a good, inspiring one. But now,when I finally take actions to start … More Life is a long-lasting, continuous accumulation.