Life purposes

Life purposes To be constantly on the way to become a better person It’s not easy at all. As a human being we’ll have to do a lot of things: Finding our own meaning of life. It’s also tough. But without it we feel like zombies. Fighting against the little things that trigger our dark … More Life purposes

A Vote for the future

2020/1/11的投票,不是只是關於你看不順眼哪一黨、哪個候選人,或是藍綠兩黨的零和勝敗。請用更高的視野看,這次是台灣未來的最關鍵的時刻,這是關於你未來要跟誰一起爭取資源、你未來的各種自由、你眼前的所有的台灣土地的美好是否存續的關鍵戰役。 The 2020 presidential election is not just about the preference/prejudice of a candidate or the zero-sum game of the blue and green parties. All Taiwanese people, please see this from a higher perspective. This is the most critical moment in Taiwan ’s future. This is the key battle about who you will be competing … More A Vote for the future

Throwback of 2016: Merci Paris et Salut Shanghai!

31/12/2016 I think December 31st is a magical day. It’s probably the only day in a year when we can feel the “actual length” of a whole year. Wow, it’s been a full year. How was your 2016? After a throwback of what happened this year, I think it is very important for me to write something brief … More Throwback of 2016: Merci Paris et Salut Shanghai!

LES SUBLIMES – Making Sustainable Luxury Available to All

It’s been almost 6 months since I started my internship in Paris. I’ve been think about writing some blog post to record my life in Les Sublimes. As an Taiwanese exchange student, it was nearly impossible to find an internship in Paris, but I made it! Besides, this job not only gave me many opportunities to see … More LES SUBLIMES – Making Sustainable Luxury Available to All

You need an epiphany

Just finishing reading a very inspiring book. I’m gonna write a quick book about my feeling now! (Because I feel pretty drunk now after three glasses of red wine XD) 王宥勝, Chris Wang. A Taiwanese actor who got really famous after hosting a travel show “冒險王 Adventure Time” and especially after his TV show “犀利人妻 The … More You need an epiphany

Life is a long-lasting, continuous accumulation.

“Life is a long-lasting, continuous accumulation.” It’s actually the title of a Taiwanese book 生命是長期而持續的累積 written in Mandarin, by a well-respected professor Ming-Hui, Peng in National Tsing Hua University in Taiwan. I bought this book like 2 yrs ago and found it truly a good, inspiring one. But now,when I finally take actions to start … More Life is a long-lasting, continuous accumulation.